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Christian Family Development Mission in Honduras

The LHBH mission in Trujillo, Honduras began in 1998 and since then it has served over 100 “special needs” children and their families in the surrounding communities. At the start of the 2017 school year, 38 families look to LHBH for various levels of support. The majority our work is initiated from The Family Development Center located on the LHBH Campus. Here are some of the services we provide:

- A Developmental Preschool for mentally challenged children
- Physical Therapy for children with bodily limitations
- Bible Hour for the neighboring children
- Educational programs and support for local churches and schools
- Health and nutrition outreach
- Home improvement programs, including reliable water access
- Hosting short-term Mission teams from across North America

Feel free to browse this website using the above menu to find out more about this ministry and to see how God’s Kingdom is serving and active in caring for these families in Honduras and, if you are inclined, how you can participate in that service, and contact us if needed.

Staff Updates

New Online Giving Option

We’ve added a new option for giving to LHBH Foundation. For those that want to give online but don’t use PayPal, the LHBH Planning Center can be used to give one time or recurring donations via debit/credit card or bank account (ACH) transactions. It even supports donations made via text/SMS (after some initial setup). Please see our Financial Donation Options page for more information.

Traveling LHBH Presentations

Jim Fennell, our interim Donor Dev Officer, and his wife Nancy will be traveling during March, April and May of this year (2018) to give LHBH presentations to a variety of churches and other groups. They will be sharing the LHBH mission and the impact it has had and continues have in the lives of the children and families in and around Trujillo. Please be praying for the people they will meet with and for Jim and Nancy’s safety. We are excited to see how God works in these opportunities and how people will have open hearts to be touched by the needs and be inspired to also be the ‘hands and feet’ of Jesus to these children and families in Honduras.

Therapeutic Playground Project

Little Hands, Big Hearts is in the process of designing and constructing the first adaptive playground in Colón, Honduras. The goal of the playground is to provide a safe outdoor area that allows and encourages the children of LHBH to engage in therapeutic play.

The playground will offer a variety of activities to stimulate growth and development. A few of the activities include adaptive swings, a bike trail, a music area, and a sensory area with various textures to engage children in their environment. Common playground equipment, such as climbing, tunnels, slides and balance activities will also be available.

The project is expected to take three years to complete and is divided into three phases:

  • Phase I (2016): Planning and Designing
  • Phase II (2017): Site Prep
  • Phase III (2018): Construction

In March 2017, we plan to have a professional survey completed by engineering students from Lipscomb University. The site prep and construction will be completed by church groups during the summer months of 2017 and 2018.

Playground Concept Art

Personnel Change Update:

We are pleased to announce that Maybelline Rivera and Norbentina Alvarez are currently sharing the duties of managing the daily work of MCCG in Trujillo. Maybelline has previously served as the Office Manager and Norbentina is one of our former Preschool Teachers. More information from and about Maybelline and Norbentina will be included in the upcoming and final newsletter for 2016. Our efforts to support all of our staff and families during these transitions have been many, varied and are on-going. We ask for you to join us in prayer as Maybelline and Norbentina learn and lead together through the trial period until the end of the year and as the organization prepares for the future.

If you have any questions, please contact us at As always, we are grateful for your support of this mission as we continue to strengthen the local churches and families of the MCCG community. — November 1, 2016

“Help Wanted” on the Little Hands Big Hearts Board of Directors

Do you have a passion for helping families with special needs children?  Have you been gifted as a communicator?  Would you consider serving as an Officer on the Little Hands Big Hearts (LHBH) Board of Directors?  Thanks to Jim and others who are helping fill these roles on a temporary, interim basis. However, we have an immediate need for two volunteer positions:

  • Donor Development
  • Public Relations

For a full job description as well as directions to apply, click here.

Our Address has changed but Our Mission to Serve has remained the same

The LHBH Foundation (Little Hands, Big Hearts) has recently assumed the overseeing and administrative role for the LHBH mission in Trujillo, Honduras necessitating a change in address to Portland, Oregon.  Please go to the Financial Donation Options page for our new address.

Recent Website Changes

We have a new video to introduce LHBH! Just move your cursor over the About Us link on the Menu bar and click on the Introduction Video link.

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