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Ways you can support LHBH

  • Prayer
  • Financial Donations
  • Mission Trips


There are so many needs among the people of Trujillo and especially among the families served by LHBH.  Please read the latest updates and newsletters to see all that is going on and what family and personal situations have been presented for covering in prayer before our gracious Father in heaven.  Your prayers are a potentially powerful way for you to donate your time and energy to the work done by LHBH.

Financial Donations

“We believe God gives us stewardship of temporal assets to be managed by eternal values.  Our goal is to provide services that help God’s people reach their goal of being good Biblical stewards.”

The work of Little Hands Big Hearts (Manos Chicas Corazones Grandes) cannot operated without the paid staff and the maintenance and development of the buildings, grounds, and equipment at the Family Development Center location in Trujillo.  Also, some of the families that LHBH serves are among the poorest of the poor of this world while others may be slightly better off financially but still lack the means to provide important opportunities and care to their children.  Finally, there are opportunities for Kingdom work by the Lord’s church in Trujillo, and those events are also opportunities for others to share in the costs of time, effort, and resources.  The LHBH staff prays regularly that the Spirit of God moves in His people and in the world to provide support for its ministry and for the sake of the people it serves.

For a list of current situations which could be specifically supported by financial donations, the Projects Needing Funding page gives more details about some needs.  To make financial donations,  please visit the Financial Donation Options page to see what ways are available.

Mission Trips

Yearly, there are multiple teams from various regions of the U.S.A. that make their way to the LHBH facility in Trujillo to carry out much needed work and service with LHBH to local families and churches.  These teams not only bring much to benefit the Hondurans, but the teams also gain much from the experience.  There are sometimes large projects involving intense manual labor, some teams come to provide medical and educational services, and sometimes teams come to support the local churches in outreach with the Gospel of Christ Jesus.  Anyone interested in participating in these teams or who is interested in organizing a team for these missions is encouraged to go to the Contact Us page and notify the LHBH staff of your interest.