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How We Started & Mission Statement

Known in Honduras by its Spanish name “Manos Chicas, Corazones Grandes”, this ministry was started in 1996 when baby Jose was given to Amber Young, the college-age daughter of Brenda and Mark Young who directed the Mision del Caribe summer Journey camp that year. Brenda escorted a group of teens from the Pacific Northwest to the Journey camp that summer.  During the time she was in Trujillo, she bonded with Jose, caring for him 24 hours a day with the help of many of the teenage campers.  The local hospital and orphanages in Honduras refused to help Jose because of his multiple needs — clubfeet and Down syndrome.  Fortunately, the Lord opened the hearts of a Christian family in La Ceiba who took and cared for Jose for six years.

During that summer, God planted a seed in the hearts of the Youngs, making them aware that if there was one special-needs child like Josecito, there were probably many others.  On subsequent visits, the Youngs discovered that many poor families kill or hide their disabled children.  In a society with much poverty, such as in Honduras, weak, unhealthy children usually don’t survive because parents give older, healthier children the sparse food and care they can afford, believing it is a better use of their resources.  A few families who kept their disabled children inspired the Youngs to want to share their stories of love with other families of “special” children.

In subsequent years, the Youngs helped two children, Jose and Samantha, receive needed medical surgeries in the States because their types of surgeries could not be done in Honduras. What the Youngs discovered was that helping these children in this way was not only very expensive and time-consuming, but also not the best for the families of these little ones to be separated during this important bonding period.

Instead, the Youngs decided to move to Trujillo in 2002 to work with the local churches, clinics, and schools to help aid families in distress by sharing the love of Jesus with them. Today, Manos Chicas, Corazones Grandes is “dedicated to empowering the indigenous church and sharing the Good News of Jesus with needy children and their families in Honduras.”  This mission statement drives the work and activities of this ministry as it operates out of the former Children’s Home of Trujillo in Jericó (about one and one-half mile west of Trujillo’s El Centro). This facility is now called the Family Development Center (Centro de Desarrollo Familiar).

The Good Samaritan House is the mission house where the Honduran directors live and administer the ministry. This house serves as a private residence as well as a venue to welcome Christian Hondurans serving God and other visitors for meals and overnight accommodations. Groups of up to fourteen people can be accommodated in the dormitory at the FDC or arrangements can be made for accommodations at a local hotel.

Manos Chicas, Corazones Grandes ​started out under the sponsorship of the Westside Church of Christ, which was later transitioned to the Summit View Church of Christ, and then in 2014, the oversight of MCCG moved the LHBH Foundation [a 501(c)(3) organization, Board Director bios linked here (officers) and here (non-officers)]. This Foundation, with its dedicated servant leaders, is only made successful because of the faithful supporters all across the United States who are committed to helping others. Please consider joining us in this good work.