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Dear Friends of Little Hands,
As I write this monthly update I am in San Pedro Sula preparing to return to the U.S. after being in Honduras for the last three weeks. It has been wonderful to be back and see the Lord working in so many ways. Brenda and I have now started our 20th year serving the Lord in Trujillo. Being here has given me a new perspective after all these years. The cumulative efforts by so many people over the years have caused me to remember that God has a plan…one that has been unveiled through the experiences of many servants over many years. As we start our 20th year we still see God actively working. Let me share some of these with you – our faithful friends and supporters.

Recently we were visited by a mixed teen and adult team from the Southwest Church in Tigard, OR. This church has now made six trips with teams to work and serve at the Little Hands mission. This church has lovingly supported Johnny for 13 years. Little Johnny who was our first LH child was brought to us by his loving mother so weak he was unable to hold up his head at 14 months of age. He was whizzing terribly barely able to breath. A trip to the Children’s Hospital in Teguc determined that he had two holes in his heart. This condition was exacerbated by his living conditions which included a damp dirt floor and cooking with an open fire inside a poor ventilated house. Through the efforts of many people, he is now a healthy 14 year old boy who reads, helps his mother, and makes wire replicas of scorpions. His life is a testimony to how the Little Hands ministry works with “big hearted” people who want to help the “little hands” of children in Honduras. When this Southwest team visited Johnny there were more than a few tears shed – tears of joy, tears of thanks, and tears of hope for a better future.

During the visit by the Southwest team they assisted in a major water project that was funded by the Yakima Rotary Trust of Yakima, WA. While all of the supplies were purchased with grant funds, the Southwest team worked shoulder to shoulder with local property owners who had built a curtain dam and holding tank to provide water to this barrio ironically called “Los Fuertes” (the strong). The team walked through or over the river each day, carried loads of PVC pipe up steep hillsides, and helped residents fill over a mile of open trench. The residents were so appreciative they threw a thank you party and served them carne asada, a special meal any time in Honduras. The team grew very close to the residents and saw much commitment to the project. To say the least, these residents were very excited to have water to their home sites for the first time. It was a moment of exhilaration when the valve was turned on and water flowed at each home site down the hillside. This project could only have come about with the help of many people – the Rotary Club of Yakima, the team from Southwest, the planning of our director, Yefrin, and the hard work of the local home owners. One resident even baked banana bread for the group as a personal thank you.

One final example occurred on Friday when the team broke into three groups to accompany Little Hands staff members as we visited the homes of 24 LH families. The holistic team of LH workers included a teacher/therapist, a nurse, and an evangelist in each group. While visiting each child we met family members, saw their living conditions, and prayed with them. One of the parents told me through his tears that he was so thankful for what Little Hands has done to help his family. It was a reminder of the depth of appreciation these people have for “love of Jesus” shown them in many ways over the years.

Thank you for the hundreds who read this, pray for this ministry, and support it with contributions. May you be blessed as we were blessed! Blessed to be His servants, Mark and Brenda Young

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