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As the new year begins we are excited about the plans the Lord has laid out before us. The boards of both the LHBH Foundation and the Fundación Manos Chicas have been planning for a number of developments to occur this year. Among them are the following:

  • Maybelline will be working part-time and we’ll be adding Erika Garcia to our office staff.
  • Our second Honduran nurse, Norma, has begun her advanced nurses training at Clinica Esperanza on the island of Roatan in preparation to open the new LH Health Center.
  • With the generous support of the Ezell Foundation we will launch the Health Center this summer at the Family Development Center.
  • Blanca, our nurse trained last year, will begin traveling with our teachers, social worker, and evangelist in truly holistic visits to our children and their families – assessing each family’s educational, therapeutic, social, medical, and spiritual needs.
  • A major water project will be completed where we will bring potable water to the homes of nearly 200 more families under the support of the Yakima Rotary Trust.
  • Later in the year we will celebrate the successful completion of three of our workers who have been attending educational programs in law, special education, and education.
  • We will be purchasing a new vehicle, a Kia truck that will be retrofitted to fill both our transportation and utility needs.
  • In the fall, we will be bringing Yefrin and Maybelline, our Honduran directors, to the U.S. to meet many of our friends and donors. This will give many of our North American friends an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the lives touched by LH in Honduras.

All of these initiatives are possible because people believed in our cause and supported us with their generous donations. Thanks to these “investors” who wish to make a difference in the lives of others.

Plans are being made now for five mission teams to come to Trujillo to work and serve the ministry. Please be in prayer for these groups as they raise funds and collect supplies needed for the mission. Here are the dates and groups:

March 18-30          Southwest (OR) Teen/Adult Team                 Water Project and Teaching

June 18-30             Summit View (WA) Teen/Adult Team           Building Project and Teaching

July 25-Aug. 8      Medical Brigade (Caldwell, ID)                     Rural Health Clinics

August 1-12          Montana Teen/Adult Team (Helena)              Building Project and Teaching

October 1-11         “All Star” mission team                                  Water Project and Teaching

If you wish to travel to Trujillo to visit the Little Hands mission, please let us know. We will be happy to discuss your trip and service to benefit the ministry. Email Mark at

We wish to thank our newest ministry partners who joined us in 2015! Thank you to David and Terri Burnette from Tigard, OR; Shiloh Road Church of Christ in Tyler, TX; Leander Church of Christ in Leander, TX; and the Caldwell Church of Christ in Caldwell, ID. These new partners join 7 other churches and 36 individuals and families who support Little Hands on a monthly basis. Praise God for these special people who bless this ministry with their financial support!   If you wish to join them, please email Mark.

Again, we wish to thank all those people who have prayed and supported this ministry. We are all God’s people working together to serve those less fortunate. May the Lord continue to bless our outreach done in His name and to His glory!   In Christian love and appreciation,

Mark and Brenda

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