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Monthly Update (August 2014) from Little Hands in Honduras by Mark and Brenda Young

This was a busy month as the annual Maraton de Amor was the last Saturday of the month. This event is the mission’s only fund-raising event held in the local community of Trujillo. It gives the mission the opportunity to promote the services and activities of Little Hands, Big Hearts while highlighting our children and families.

Over 200 people participated in the day’s events held at the Central Park Plaza where hundreds more enjoyed the music, the dancing, and the presentation of the children. Each year our Honduran directors, Yefrin and Maybelline along with the LH staff and board members of the Fundación put in hundreds of hours of preparation for the event. Each year the event gets bigger and attains broader support in the community. This year one of our new sponsors was ACEIBASA, a palm oil producer operating just outside of town. They donated 5,000 lempiras, two cakes, food, and drinks for hundreds of visitors to the event.

Each year over 30 local businesses display donation jars on their counters. Thousands of local people drop in 10 lemps here and 50 lemps there throughout the month of August. During the Saturday event all of the jars are brought to the park and the money counted in front of the crowd of people. The Dole Company provided a flatbed which served as the platform for the event. The Mayor of Trujillo attended and this year committed 10,000 lempiras to help support Little Hands. One of the local school bands played at the event. Another highlight each year is the local folkloric dancers who performed twice during the day in their colorful costumes.

The local media got involved throughout the month leading up to the “big event”. This year the local television and radio station interviewed Yefrin, Marleni (chairperson of the Fundación and a local teacher), and Roxana (director of the LH preschool). One of the stations had the parent of one of our children, Sofia, on the air to talk about how the Little Hands mission has made a difference in the life of her family. “Not only does Little Hands serve the child, but they also helped me build an outdoor cooking area and a pila at my home,” said Gladys, Sofia’s mother.

During the course of the day, the children of Little Hands sang, danced, modeled, and performed much to the pleasure and interest of the growing audience. One of the “stars” is always Saydi who has cerebral palsy and walks with a three-legged walker. However, when Saydi sang and walked down the platform just as a model would with her hands on her hips she was an instant star. Today Saydi is walking without her walker because of the help and therapy provided her by Little Hands. At the end of the day when all the expenses and proceeds were counted, the Fundación ended up with $1,285 to put in the treasury to help these local children in the next year. Last year’s proceeds were used to help with emergency expenses such as an ambulance trip 6 hours to the Children’s Hospital in San Pedro Sula made by Larissa and an emergency surgery done in La Ceiba for Gustavo. We wish to thank our local friends and supporters for their generosity!

At this writing we just celebrated the “Day of the Children” in Honduras. Over 160 children and 40 adults attended the festivities held at the Family Development Center at LH. Laughs and giggles filled the air as games, prizes, and of course, piñatas were produced. Little Hands fed more than 200 people delicious chicken sandwiches, cake, and Coke provided by one of the local businesses. If you didn’t know, more than 51% of Hondurans are 15 years of age or younger so this country has lots of children. Today we are happy to join in honoring these children!

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