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The Little Hands mission has closed its doors on November 29 and will re-open on February 3. This annual closure helps our staff and the families we serve during the tropical rainy season. For those who have been to the north coast of Honduras you know how much rain pours during this season. Last year we spent this season in Trujillo and were reminded of the torrential rains that occur during the “rainy season”. While we have lived in cold rainy areas in Montana and Oregon, we have never seen rain like on the north coast. Schools are closed and many businesses close during this time of the year allowing their staff to have off during the holiday season. Yefrin and Maybelline live on the grounds at the LHBH Family Development Center and will continue to work part-time during this season. They maintain the facilities and grounds and make sure all of the bills get paid. They also visit each Little Hands family once during December and once in January providing rice, beans, and children’s vitamins as is needed. Please keep Yefrin and Maybelline in your prayers as they make their rounds amidst the rain and mud. Some families live far beyond the reach of most vehicles making it during the rainy season. Yefrin will try to get to these as well.

Please also keep little Isabel, now 7 years old, in your prayers as she undergoes eye surgery this month. She has been living with Yefrin and Maybelline for four months in order to build up her immune system and gain much-needed weight. The eye surgeon in La Ceiba and her associates have both had vacations recently so the surgery has been delayed again. Isabel is maintaining her weight gain and trying to stay healthy and available for the surgery. We think

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