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Update for October from Little Hands, Big Hearts in Trujillo, Honduras


It has been a blessing to be back in Honduras for the last 6 weeks.  Much has happened that is exciting and newsworthy.  First, Yefrin, Maybelline and I closed out September by attending the very informative Conference on Honduras for three days in Copan.  We learned many things and networked with many other NGOs working in the country.  Other than having two blow outs (at one time, a first for me) the travel was uneventful….thank you Lord!  It seems that many of the NGO’s  are facing the same three issues – security for visiting groups, lack of government cooperation in getting permission to bring shipping containers into the country, and developing programs that can sustain themselves in the absence of assistance from the United States.  Second, the Little Hands children are mostly healthy and growing into the children God wants them to be.  Visits to families each Friday leave us thankful for the willing cooperation of so many to benefit these children.  We ask that you continue to pray for little Isabel who is gaining weight and awaiting her eye surgery for congenital glaucoma next week.  And lastly, we are most grateful for the two visiting groups who came this month to serve Little Hands and the community in which we live.  The “handyman” group completed many projects — small and large to make the Family Development Center a more effective service center.  The all adult Southwest Church group (Tigard, OR) built a pila (water cistern) for one of our LH families, built a roof over Maybelline’s pila, built shelves in our sewing classroom, worked with our mothers on sewing and crafts, did some badly needed clean-up in two store rooms, and taught our children’s Bible Hour classes.  These two groups reminded us what a blessing our visitors are to the ministry.  We have 5, and maybe 6, groups scheduled for 2014.


Several of you have asked about the current political situation in Honduras and what our plans are so let us respond to these questions.   The national elections are scheduled for Sunday , November 24.  There is much enthusiasm presently about these elections because the country is at a very critical junction in its development.  As many of you know, two drug lords forced out of Mexico have settled in Honduras and greatly increased the rate of violence.  In fact, Honduras is now rated the most dangerous country in the world and San Pedro Sula where we fly into is the #1 most dangerous city in the world.  As a result of this the U.S. State Dept. has issued a travel warning for all U.S. citizens.  While people from the U.S. are not targeted, many potential visitors are scared away.  As a result the tourism industry has suffered greatly.  Many Hondurans are fed up with the violence and government, police, and military establishments that have been bought off by the drug lords so when the people go to the polls they are seeking dramatic changes in their country.  We ask that you pray for the Hondurans as they vote for new leadership and that the country restores some semblance of order to the existing chaos caused by the drug trade, corruption, and violence.


As for our plans, after much prayer and discussion with friends and family, we have decided to return to the U.S. to work and live for the next several years until the conditions improve and we can “retire” here to finish our work begun in 1995.  Our personal goal is to continue transitioning Little Hands to make it more sustainable, both in Honduras and from the U.S.  We seek new friends who have hearts for the Honduran people who will “take the baton” from us over the next few years so that our exit plans to move from the ministry into another portion of our lives in 2020 can be realized  Three current needs we have is for someone who will take over the LHBH newsletter, someone who will help with public relations and fund raising,  and another person willing to be our “go to” person for the ever-growing social media scene.  If you are one of these people, please express your interest to us so that we might discuss the potential roles you might play in the mission as we move forward.

Blessed to be His servants,

Mark and Brenda Young

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