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The new covered bus stop (caseta) in front of the Little Hands campus is now finished.  Again, we wish to thank the Yakima Rotary Club for their generous grant of $1,500 to cover the major expenses of this bus stop.  Their physical help along with several members of the local Trujillo Rotary Club assisting Oscar, Brian, Elvin, and Melvin from our community accomplished this project.  Already our neighbors and several of our Little Hands mothers and children are using it on a regular basis to catch the bus as it goes out of town to La Cruzita, Silin, Guadalupe Carney, and Aguamarilla – all communities where our children live.  It was exciting to see this community effort where so many had a part in the project.  The project cost us more than we anticipated so we need some help paying for the final portion of construction.  If you would like to help us defer $625 of expenses of this bus stop, send your contribution to Little Hands, Big Hearts at the Summit View Church, 100 N. 72nd Avenue, Yakima, WA 98908.   We trust that some of our friends will want to partner with us on this project.

As we prepared to leave Honduras to spend the summer back in the U.S., we hosted a Little Hands staff and family gathering at our house in Sambo Creek.  The staff gave up their holiday to spend the day together playing games, swimming, sharing lunch, and fellowshipping with one another.  We had a total of 29 people including 11 kids who made the 2-plus hour trip in a bus that Yefrin had chartered for the day.  It was a great day – sloppy joes for lunch, games that involved kids and adults, and a meaningful devotional led by our newest staff member, Wualter.  After lunch several went swimming in our plunge pool while others went on a “nature walk” through the Mango Tree developmrent where we live.  Several people commented to us how much they enjoyed being a part of the Little Hands “family”.  Surely our staff is the “heart” of this ministry.  We ask you to continue to pray for Antonio, Roxana, Wualter, Norbentina, Mayra, Erika, Maybelline, and Yefrin.  Without these Christian servants the Little Hands mission could not be as effective for the Lord!

Let us provide a progress report on several of the Little Hands children.  Johnny, now 12 years old, went this month to Tegucigalpa with his mother for his annual check up with the pediatric cardiologist.  We appreciate the youth group at the Southwest Church in Tigard, OR for their support of Johnny for nearly ten years now.  Johnny is now in 6th grade and likes to read and draw.  We also found out that he is quite talented with his hands when he sold us a couple hand-made wire replicas of scorpions.   These are made from used copper wire pulled from old wiring.  The doctor said that Johnny’s heart is much better but he still must not over exert himself.  We made a visit to Johnny and Filomena, his mother, as we left Trujillo.  This family is such an inspiration to us.  Every member of this 11-person family contributes something to the good of the family.  Filomena’s elderly mother also lives with them and is suffering from some paralysis in her legs.  Victor is one of our newest little boys.  He is just two years old and suffers from cerebral palsy which his parents think has become worse since a surgery performed in Honduras.  The mother and father come with Victor each morning to the preschool where his mother participates in his daily therapy session.  They have asked our advice about getting Victor a medical visa for him to go the U.S. for further medical evaluation and surgery.  Our suggestions were to work through extended family members that live in the U.S. and to ask them to request their local member of Congress to intervene with the U.S. Embassy here in Tegucigalpa.  Please remember both Johnny and Victor, as well as all of the Little Hands children, in your prayers.

Let us close with a personal update.  We left Honduras on May 15 to attend Shane’s graduation from Whitman College who will be moving to Portland to start law school in the fall.  Then we will be spending most of the summer with our adult children and grandchildren along with making Little Hands presentations at nine churches in OR, WA, ID and MT.  We also will attend the LHBH Foundation board meeting in Portland and meet with our elders at Summit View.  We will also help our LHBH Host Group at Summit View at the annual Yard Sale to benefit LHBH on July 20.   We will close out our summer by visiting three churches in southern Calfiornia and spend a couple days with Mark’s dad as he celebrates his 93rd birthday.  Our plans call for us to return to Honduras on August 21 from Los Angeles.  We wish to thank those who have prayed for us as we made our transition and now ask for your prayers and support as we share the Little Hands story with new and old friends.  If you wish to write you can always reach us at or call us at (509) 833-8829.   May the Lord cotinue to bless this ministry as we work together to serve Him!  Mark and Brenda Young

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